Wine Pairings without Food

Written by Kady Fleckenstein –

Let me explain the title of this post. Recently I was messaging with a fellow wine drinker, Bill Streeter, on Facebook and he wrote the following:

Many wineries want to let me know how to pair wine with food. I don’t care how the food feels about the wine. Give me some useful information like what wine to have while watching a sunset. I did enjoy a nice bottle of Symphony White wine while listening to the Grand Rapids Symphony. The Blue Angels demostration team will be in Michigan this summer. What is a good wine to have while watching them perform thier feats?

Here was my response:

I think a sparkling wine would go well with the Blue Angels demo because it’s such a thrilling thing to watch and the bubbles add to the excitement. Otherwise something bold with a little spice–perhaps a Tempranillo? We have some excellent local Tempranillos here in Santa Maria.

Now I am a self-proclaimed foodie (although I’m not a huge fan of that word) and I LOVE to pair foods and wines. However, I love the idea of pairing wine with activities, music, or art. What are some of your favorite wine pairings unrelated to food?

Wine & Music

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