Temperature Controlled Self-Storage Unit

Storing wine can be a hassle. The affordable home wine coolers break down easily and take up a lot of space. For the average wine consumer, it can be difficult to build an entire cellar in their home. Travellers, too, have wine storage problems. Sometimes it isn’t reasonable to ship cases upon cases of wine home only to be stuck with finding a storage solution. We use Roemer Way Self-Storage for storing our wine and other materials and have really appreciated the convenience and security it provides. The music, automatic lights, and nice bathrooms are extra perks that make your life a little bit easier when moving items in and out of your unit. Here is a little bit about this self-storage facility:

Roemer Way Self-Storage serving both Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties is one of the few storage facilities offering temperature controlled storage in the Central Coast. Conveniently located minutes off the 101 Freeway, Roemer Way Self-Storage provides solutions for local wine enthusiast, travelers and wineries. “Temperature controlled units are difficult to come by and we are so lucky to be able to offer this convenience to the public”, boasts Laurie Bickham, Manager, Roemer Way Self Storage.

Temperature controlled storage gives travelers purchasing power, to buy larger quantities of wine and take advantage of case discounts, without worrying about how to transport it. They can return home with a sampling of favorites to hold them between visits- then return for more when it’s time for a quick getaway.

Roemer Way Self-Storage gives central coast wine enthusiasts an option for protecting their collections. New Customers receive a signature Roemer Way Self-Storage gift bag when moving in, beginning December 1, 2009. They are also eligible for a free dinner at a local restaurant when they refer a new move-in customer.

Roemer Way Self-Storage is located at 330 Roemer Way, Santa Maria, just South of where Broadway and Roemer Way come together. The Facility consists of 442 units offering 10 different sizes, 52 of which are temperature-controlled. The facility is equipped with high-tech security cameras throughout, after-hours lighting and music. Seven days a week gate access from 7am to 7pm, Office open 9am to 6pm weekdays and 10am to 4pm weekends. Twenty-four hour access and deliveries are available by special request.

For additional information, contact: Laurie Bickham, Roemer Way Self-Storage, at (805) 347-9111, email, or visit


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