Wine Tasting Party Tip #1: Keeping Track of Glasses

Blind Wine Tasting parties can be loads of fun. Have all your guests bring a bottle of wine to match your theme (e.g., a specific vintage, region, or varietal) and a dish to share (food is a MUST for wine tasting).

Sometimes it can be hard to keep track of which wine is in which glass if you’re tasting a flight. Meg Allan Cole from Decor It Yourself created this excellent video with DIY instructions for glass etching. Get some thick wine glasses (not high-end glasses like Riedel) from the thrift store or yard sales and etch numbers or pictures to keep track of each glass. Guests could even take them home as party favors. Other easy ways to keep track of glasses when tasting a flight of wine include wine glass charms or tasting room glasses with different logos.

Decor It Yourself Glass Etching

For those wine drinkers who love a good microbrew–keep watching the video. The second part of the show is about brewing your own beer.

Please note that safety gear should be worn when doing any glass etching project (safety goggles and a mask are recommended).

Like the video? Check out Decor It Yourself’s Homemade Wine Rack made with belts.


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