Luxury Wine Gifts for the Holidays

Written by Kady Fleckenstein –

While I was getting together photos and links for the last post about wine gift baskets I came across the most fascinating gift of all: luxury gifts. I was on Cambria’s website and came across these two luxury gift items:

1.) A Barrel of Wine
You’re invited out to the winery to make your own blend of Pinot Noir from our award winning Julia’s Vineyard. Winemaker Denise Shurtleff will lead you and up to ten friends through your own private blending. It will be your taste buds that determine the final blend. At the end of barrel aging, you will receive your barrel of wine. During the aging process we will send you notes from the winery with details about your wine at each stage of development. The blending seminar includes a luncheon at the winery for 10.

These 23 cases of wine will feature your own personalized label (legally approved) and will be shipped directly to your house.

Offer available to CA residents only.
$6,000 | 2 barrels available

Call 805-938-7335 for more information or to reserve your barrel.

2.) A Helicopter Ride Over Cambria
Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the beautiful Santa Maria Bench with a helicopter ride for up to four people. Experience Cambria’s gorgeous landscape from the coast to the mountains. We will serve as your guide as you soar hundreds of feet above the vines. You will learn about the uniqueness of the mountain ranges and weather patterns that make the Santa Maria Valley one of the best places on the planet to grow Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

After the aerial tour you will touch down on the helicopter pad at the Cambria Estate to enjoy a winemaker’s lunch featuring Cambria wines.

$2,000 per package | 4 packages available
Rules and restrictions apply

Call 805-938-7335 for more information or to order.


How much would you love either of those gifts? Now I’m curious–what other luxury wine gifts are out there? I would love to hear about what you’ve found. Post your comments about the most divine (or absurd) luxury wine gifts you’ve seen in your search for the perfect gift this season.


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