Radio Interview with Nipper’s Table Talk

Written by Kady Fleckenstein –

I was pleased to be invited to discuss the Wine Christmas Passport on Nipper’s Table Talk radio show on the Santa Barbara News Press radio station yesterday morning. Honestly, I was unfamiliar with the show but felt at home right away when I heard the host, Arthur, discuss delicious food from local restaurants.

The show has a fun contest each week where they give away dinner for 2 to the restaurant of the week. The callers have to guess the restaurant from the clues that Arthur reads on the air. This week’s restaurant was Cold Spring Tavern (off Highway 154 as you head north towards Santa Maria). When our interview was wrapping up Arthur mentioned that they should have a Santa Maria restaurant join the contest sometime. I can think of some fun hints right now. Should we make it easy for the Santa Barbarans?

Santa Maria is known more for its Santa Maria Style BBQ than its restaurants but we have some real gems throughout the valley. The key is that you have to know where to go. There is a restaurant for everyone. For BBQ or steak (Far Western Tavern), bistro lunch (Testa’s bistro), Italian fare (Trattoria Uliveto), super affordable, tasty and quick lunch on the wine trail (Garey’s Store & Deli), a gourmet meal prepared with local ingredients (Adelina’s Bistro), Cajun-inspried cuisine to comfort the soul (Chef Rick’s) and much more.

The interview was brief but fun. I mentioned the new tasting room in Orcutt: CORE wine company is a convenient tasting room to visit right before dinner in Orcutt. They have an incredible deal with Trattoria Uliveto’s and Chef Rick’s. If you buy a bottle of their wine from their tasting room and bring it to either restaurant they will waive the corkage fee. This is a great way to save money on your restaurant bill! You will receive a card to show the restaurant and it is good for 48 hours after you buy the bottle. So you could go to one restaurant one night and the other the very next day! I definitely plan on taking advantage of this deal soon.

CORE wine bottle with glass in tasting room

If you’d like to check out my interview with Table Talk visit their website. The show will be archived so if you find this post well into the future you can search for the interview on November 19, 2009. Tune in to 1290AM on Thanksgiving or the following Saturday at noon for Michael Cervin’s “Cervin’ It Straight” radio show all about wine. I’ll be on the show around 12:45 for his “5 Minute Chat” about the Wine Christmas Passport. Hope to see you on the wine trail during the passport on December 5 & 6, 2009!

Wine Christmas Passport 2009


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