Chef Rick’s Prime Orcutt


We so often have the pleasure of tasting Chef Rick’s marvelous morsels at events that he caters but seldom make it to his cozy bistro in Orcutt (just outside of Santa Maria, CA). Any foodie with a half palate in this area is most likely to be an avid (sometimes rabid) fan of one of our area’s all time favorite Chef’s with flair.

Besides wonderful food, Rick is an amazingly charming and witty guy. It must be that same Southern charm that infuses his cuisine, as well. On this recent field trip to the shopping center Chef Rick calls home, we tried his Vegetarian Hero Sandwich and Ed’s Blackened Shrimp Quesadilla.


I had to reign myself in to prevent spontaneous inhalation of the Quesadilla. I declare! Veggie Hero was mighty fresh, aromatic and satisfying. His special slaw was a delight.

Great wine list, too. We went with the Wild Horse Chardonnay and it was perfect for this meal.

As you can see, the interior of Chef Rick’s is as colorful as the man himself!


Contributed by Cliff Stepp, Marketing Manager for the Central Coast Urgent Care Medical Group. He can be reached at


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